Grimes does Hong Kong

I might like my Metal and Rock ‘n’ Roll, but that does not mean that I should not like to go and enjoy some other kind of tunes? That’s the beauty of going to live gigs, the escape from reality for a moment, to be entertained and release your inner beast. I know music is one of the very few things, apart of photography, that will make me truly happy and forget all the every day greyness around.

After seeing the crazy Nova Heart gig at Hidden Agenda a couple of days ago I went to take some snaps of some more freakydoda electro sounds. This time at the KITEC MusicZone stage Your Mum presented the crowd with mentally coolio electro popy Claire Boucher AKA Grimes. I have to say I did get impressed, she was able to fill the stage with the her voice, her music and the crowd was awesome.




And this young lady, Ami Dang, her music I can not explain. It was different, and pretty cool… A bit of an Indian, middle east craziness wrapped around an electro pop cocoon. But I did get mesmerized by her music and her voice. Check out her tunes on Soundcloud.

Ami Dang

Ami Dang


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