Nova Heart – Beautiful Boys Tour

Nova Heart - Beautiful Boys Tour - Live in Hong Kong

Aaaalrighty! One day Hardcore and the other day we have some mental Electro Pop Indie Alternative sound coming out of the Hidden Agenda‘s space.

A local Hong Kong Electro Pop band,, had the task to warm up the stage and the crowd. I have to say they did an awesome job; the crowd was moving, the stage was on fire and the place was ready for the Grande Finale. All the way from Beijing, the super cool, crazily energetic, sound and visually extravaganza Nova Heart.

Nova HeartThe awesomeness Nova Heart at the Hidden Agenda 17.03.2013

Nova Heart

Writing the blog I asked my self, how do you explain their music in words? This is why I take photographs, because I am so damn bad in using words to explain things. I have no idea! Electro, Pop, Mad, Arty… Nope, Can’t find the right word for it. Luckily Nova Heart has a great explanation on their Facebook page on how they sound like. And guess what, it will not make you any wiser…

“Raucous Raki-fueled nights in ancient discotheques of Constantinople; Roman electronic-cowboys named Rodion; magic silk road beats;psychedelic disco lo-fi ethereal pop; sinister disco soundscapes; naked ghosts dancing under mirrorballs in an old Beijing hutong”

Yeah… Aaaaanyways… I really enjoyed them and after hearing the smooth voice of Nova Heart’s lead vocal Helen Feng I would definitely see them again.

Nova Heart Electro Popy at the Hidden Agenda 17.03.2013

And that would be all from me for now.

See ya at the pit,


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