Bella Elektra’s EP release

I have been in Hong Kong for a few months now and slowly discovering all the hidden gems of this beautiful city. Last night I went to see a truly musically and visually splendid show at BeatingHeart, thank you very much to Nick and Craig at BeatingHeart for letting me taking snaps at the venue and of the fabulous show! The venue is not big, but trust me, these guys know sound quality and lighting. Truly spectacular and I really hope to get my skinny ass over there again one day.

Bella Elektra was celebrating the release of their first EP “Just BE” last night. Great performance with some fresh and happy electro beats, urban vocals and an awesome latin horn section. You just can’t go wrong with this kind of a set up. I have to also mention their support band, The Weathering. Dreamy electro pop from a really talented duo. Only two people, and so much sound!

Bella ElektraBella Elektra giving it 100%

Bella Elektra

Bella Elektra

Bella Elektra

the Weatheringthe Weathering

the Weathering

Okidoki boyz and girlz. Merry Happy Easter to you all, I’m off to Hidden Agenda in a moment as I just can’t get enough 🙂


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