Queen Sea Big Shark Tour 2013 – Hong Kong

后海大鯊魚QUEEN SEA BIG SHARK 2013巡演香港站

I have been snapping away at Hidden Agenda a few times now and every time I was there it has been a full house. I know they have some really coolio bands playing on their stage, but I have also noticed a large group of passionate characters running around behind the stage making it all happen. It just shows how important everyone are to make all this happen, everyone from the ticket dude to the promotions. As we all know, there is no money to get on a stage like this, all is run by pure passion and volunteered work.

Saying that, Hidden Agenda drags a larger crowd then an average small music venue in London. It’s really great to see a huge crowd by the stage sometimes enjoying some seriously bad notes (very rare, but it does happen though…), but most of the time some awesome tunes.

Yesterday was another night at Hidden Agenda were the crowd was awesome and the performances on stage brilliant. The Hong Kong locals ni.ne.mo came and warmed up the stage and crowd for the Beijing band Queen Sea Big Shark. Great show and the crowd was going all mental throughout the whole show and the band was asked to come out again for an extra number doing their experimentally electro rocky tunes. It was definitely another great night at Hidden Agenda!

Queen Sea Big Shark

Queen Sea Big Shark

Queen Sea Big Shark

Queen Sea Big Shark

And let us not forget ni.ne.mo





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