Evocation – Album Release

Alrighty all your metal-heads out there! Where were you last night? If you were not at Hidden Agenda, I can only say that you missed an awesome gig with some brutal notes and a fab set up of band. Anything in metal, you found it on the stage last night. You should know by know, they don’t mess around, this is where you wane be checking out the local metal and rock. It was one of those evenings shared with an awesome crowd, sold out venue, sick tunes, stunning rock ladies, long haired dudes, black clothing and crazy amounts of cold alcoholic beverages. Happy and smiling.

Why I have not heard of Evocation before, I do not know. But damn they rock! It’s the whole damn package: the music, the dudes, the crowd loves them and the show. They completely rocked the sh..t out of the place, but before they could do so they had some great support bands doing their thing; some Death Metal with Infected Corpora, Cadaver, groovy Metal with In Denial and some angry Metal with 怒人.

Seriously, if you have not heard of Evocation yet, check them out!




In Denial



Infected Corpora


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