As I Lay Dying mayhem!

AS I LAY DYING Live in Hong Kong

Music loving ladiez, gentz and others! Where were you on the 2nd of May this year? You lovely people that enjoyed the brutal performance by As I Lay Dying at Kitec MusicZone know already what I will say. You peops who did not make it for the show… YOU MISSED probably THE BEST SHOW OF THE YEAR!

The amazing people behind Hidden Agenda overdone themselves this time, they made the absolutely best show of the year! Everyone at Hidden Agenda worked their skinny bum cheeks off to make it happen, the show sold out already a MONTH before the show, everyone had an absolutely phenomenal night, As I Lay Dying together with Hong Kong locals Shepherds The Weak rocked the sh.t out of the venue, we saw some rock ‘n’ roll old school crowd surfing, stage barrier diving, the biggest Hong Kong indoor circle mosh, smiling people, crying people… The list can go on and on and on! It was an evening that shall not be forgotten easily.

As always, shooting pics for Hidden Agenda is awesome and I love it. The people are passionate about music and they are a bunch of seriously nice and humble people. If you have not been around Hidden Agenda, come around and have a look for your self. They have an amazing set up of concerts for May, follow them on their Facebook page for detailed line ups.

If you are interested, get over to Hidden Agenda’s Facebook to see the whole collection of pics? Also, I would like to thank you all for all your support and following my blog! Love ya and see you at the front!

As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying

Shepherds The Weak

Shepherds The Weak

Shepherds The Weak



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  1. Diving in the crowd….

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