The French take on Hong Kong – Manceau

French Pop : Manceau Live in Hong Kong

Hey all you music lovers out there! My apologies for the silence here, but as I mentioned some time ago I am on holiday… Still doing loads of photography and some filming with my friends on this side of the world, Sweden. Keep an eye on the blog as I will probably upload all my goodies on here one day in the future.

First, before leaving Hong Kong I went to Hidden Agenda to check out the French Pop masters, Manceau. For all of you wondering what French Pop is… Well, French Pop is Pop, but from France… I think… Anyhow, I have to admit it was pretty good. The crowd was great, as always here at Hidden Agenda and everyone were digging the happy popy tunes with very catchy chorus notes from these four young gents from France. There is one song they sang during the show that drove me crazy, they milked it even more during the encore, the very catchy Full Time Job. Thank you very much Manceau, could not get it out of my head all the way home! đŸ˜¦




9maps9maps warming up the crowd



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