Sweating at Hellbar with Riot Horse.

Alrighty! As I always have been saying, never give up and one day it will happen. Finally, after years of trying and failing I managed to get my skinny bum cheeks over to Hellbar in Sundbyberg, Sweden. It’s an awesome live music gem hidden in the Stockholm suburbia run by a lovely friend of mine Hanna Jansson and her other half, Micke. Two very passionate music loving characters showing the best there is in classic rock and indie rock, every Saturday night. I have been hearing about this place for some time now and finally had the chance to see it for my self. And what a joy it was.

The atmosphere was brilliant with some crazy characters taken straight from Woodstock -77, others more modern and some classic leather rockers. Absolutely fabulous! The people were great, the cold brewskies were great, the DJ was superb and the band was getting ready to get on the stage to rock the sunburn of your face.

I always like when the band not only sounds great, but also look the part. These lads had it all! They made people smile and created a great mood through out the venue. The band I am talking about are the Riot Horse, traveled to Hellbar in Stockholm all the way from Skåne. Peops from Skåne talk really funny, but that was forgotten as soon as they started their show. We were invited to some smooth dirty and sexy Classic Rock sounds making your body and legs shake uncontrollably. Ok ok…. maybe not that serious, but it was really good!

If I’m going to check out Hellbar next week? Oh HELL yeah I am!

Check them out when you get a moment on their Facebook Page and their website gotohell.se, and if you live in Stockholm or planning to come to Stockholm for a weekend chill, check them out!

Riot Horse

Riot Horse

Riot Horse

Riot Horse


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