Releasing Marmalade with Brainchild

Brainchild? I didn’t really know what to think of these boys first time I listened to a track on their Trashbook. But, it was a Friday night and I needed my medicine, my weekly live music dose. I packed down my camera and headed down to Hellbar in Sumpan to say hi to the Hellbar duo Hanna and Micke, a cold brew with my lovely friend Lina and listen to some seriously awesomeness DJing from Micke, the man him self.

Before the gig I got the chance to meet some of the lads in Brainchild. Awesome bunch of dudes, full of positive energy and eager to get on the stage. Tonight was Brainchild‘s release party for their second album “The Marmalade” and the the atmosphere was great. The atmosphere just got better as soon as these boys started to play, it was a true pleasure seeing them play live. The earlier encounter with the tune I heard online, prior to coming down to Hellbar, was long forgotten. These guys know how to party, how to sing and definitely how to get a crowd going and craving for some more.

As Hanna also mentioned, this is deffo a band to keep an eye on this year. It’s not the last time we heard of them.








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  1. Great photos. Any of the other band The Pocket Raindrops from the same
    Night? Keep up the good work.

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