The Cult, the King and the BBQ

The King Khan & BBQ Live in Hong Kong

So, he has returned. Sweden was a blast; meeting friends, family and had a great time seeing some live shows at the Hellbar. But it’s great to be back in Hong Kong and I couldn’t wait to get my ass over to Hidden Agenda.

It was really nice to see everyone again and it was super duper to see Bloodcult bloodily rocking it out.

The main band of the night, The King Khan & BBQ came all the way from Canada. I haven’t heard of them before and I was shown a video of one of their tune “Invisible Girl”. It was fun and the tune super catchy; I knew it’s gone be a good show.

They entered the stage like it was taken out of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves mixed with some Indian goodies. Awesome duo with very catchy Rockabilly, Rock ‘n’ Roll influenced music. Close your eyes and you hear a stage with musicians, open your eyes and you see only two musicians. That’s the power of talent, to play and entertain a crowd to well as they did. I want to see these guys again.

The King Khan & BBQ

The King Khan & BBQ

The King Khan & BBQ





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