NEON ROCK PARTY hits Hidden Agenda!

Neon Rock Party

Alrighty! This weekend has probably been one of the better ones in a very long time. On Thursday we had the freakedoda flower powery dreamy electro sounds by the awesomeness PacificUV. Then on Friday Hidden Agenda opened up for an another mental night with some pop, rock and the 80’s… Yapps, neon 80’s it was! The place was full of happy people, most dressed in neon pink and yellow spandex… WTF?

Well.. why not!

First digilo digileying the crowd, nice and sweaty. Then we got the answer for all the happy neon spandex wearing characters, the beautiful Josie & the Uni Boys. Strong voice, character, rock, pop with some 80’s vibe to the whole thing. Great show!

Then, just to confuse people even more, punk rock with T.O.N.I.C.K. Some neon stuff there as well, but the pop turned early 90’s oldschool skate punk. Maybe not that crazy and hardcore as I remember it being back in Sweden some few years back… but still coolio! The music was there, I just would like to see more attitude and we are rolling!

Just to finish the evening off, DJ Ma Sir cleared the stage to spin some sweet albums on his desks. Music of choice? Yapps, you got it right, sweet and happy tunes from the bellowed 80’s and 90’s. You can’t go wrong, the peops had loads of fun dancing and singing to old classics.

And then we have Saturday… But more on that tomorrow…

Josie & the Uni Boys

Josie & the Uni Boys


DJ Ma Sir


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  1. Reblogged this on MY BLOG BY NIRVANA Q and commented:
    NEON ROCK PARTY. Love the idea! Thanks Kam. 🙂

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