Celebrating 2years of Rock ‘n’ Roll with BLACK BART!

Black Bart 2 Years Celebrations

Dazed and Confused? Bloody sweating my bum cheeks off? Damn it, lost in Hong Kong! Swearing and sweating a bit more… It’s late. Not much more to sweat and not a bloody dry piece of clothing on my body. I just want to take my camera equipment and chuck it away! I’m calming down, I can’t do that to my lovely Nikon apparatus can I now!

Well, the evening started fine… I was on my way to snap some stills and boogie with some video at BeatingHeart celebrating 2 years of fine rock ‘n’ roll partying and DJ’ing with BLACK BART. I almost gave up and just wanted to go back where I came from.

And daaaaim it was good I did not turn around. The party was mental! Why haven’t I heard of this earlier?! Great DJ’s, great music, great people, great atmosphere, great bloody everything! One thing is for sure, I will NOT miss the next one!

Are you in Hong Kong? Do you like your parties, do you like go all freakydoda and sweaty with rock? Check out BeatingHeart!

Black Bart

Black Bart

Black Bart

Black Bart

Black Bart

Black Bart


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