Filming “Vor – Trust me I’m a Thief”

VOR, coming soon

So, we had some good times with music, photography and some occasional fashion snaps. Let us continue to my other passion in life, which is films. I have always spoken about it but never really had a chance to do anything about it. It’s not until I came to Hong Kong that I got a chance to film and work on film sets. A few projects later I am working now as a Director of Photography on a short 30 minutes Hong Kong action film, “Vor – Trust me I’m a Thief”. It’s a short action film written and directed by Philippe Joly. “Vor – Trust me I’m a Thief” is a short action film currently in production in Hong Kong exploring the Russian and Hong Kong Triads organized crime and the codes of honor and rules of the underworld.

The film is produced by HK Reels, McSoli Productions and thr3guys. thr3guys’s Temur is working as Action Director and Choreographer on the project and also will be doing some acting in between all the kicking and fighting. It’s a very exiting project for all parties included, cast as crew. It’s completely unfunded and everyone is putting and dedicating hours, equipment, locations, knowledge and their experiences into this film. The film is in production, but there are already big plans for the film and hopefully it will be seen on a festival screen near you in a near future.

First day daili VORThree dailis from the short “VOR – Trust me I’m a Thief”

second day daili VOR

Vor – Trust me I’m a Thief

Just to fill you in on story, here’s the Synopsis of the film:

When the news that the head of the feared Russian organized crime, the Vori v Zakone (Thieves in Law), died in a ferry crash in Hong Kong, reaches his second in command in Moscow, Alexander Orlov rushes to Hong Kong to meet with Hu Wong, the son of the Dragon’s head, in order to renegotiate the future collaboration with the Triads in the region.

He soon discovers that all is not what it seems and that codes of honour and rules of the underworld can be easily rewritten to suit one’s need. A set of events unravels and puts to the test the long lasting loyalties originally born in the Soviet prisons. Keeping your friends close but your enemies closer may find its true meaning in “Vor: Trust Me I’m A Thief”, a short action film that uses Hong Kong as a backdrop to explore the modern mindset of the underworld, in which old-school believers in the Thieves’ Code get challenged by new generations of criminals driven by money and power rather than loyalty and honor.

To get all fresh updates from the set of the film and from everyone involved, please visit the official “Vor: Trust me I’m a Thief” Facebook Page, You will find all info on the film; information on crew and cast, behind the scenes updates and some fresh screen grabs from our dailies. Down below you see all the cast and crew working on the film at the moment.

Philippe Joly – Director/Writer/Actor
Youssef Soliman – Producer
Harry Oram – Producer
Kamil Janowski – Director of Photography
Lucas Griego – 2nd Camera Unit
Temur Mamisashvili – Action Director/Choreographer
Lee Batchelor – Behind the Scenes Camera
Charles Loi – Sound

Kirt Kishita
Philippe Joly
Andrew Ng
Temur Mamisashvili
Beck Artikov
Harry Oram
Nathalie Ng
Tom Caserto
Lorea Solabarrieta

Support our short film! Like it and spread it all around the wide world! Like it on Facebook and follow the exiting developments. This is just the beginning…

on the set of "Vor"More behind the scenes footage can be found on the Facebook page. And it’s updated on a regular basis.

on the set of "Vor"

on the set of "Vor"


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