Filming action in 3D!

Finally it seems I am getting busier and jollier. I’m really exited as I am working both with stills and video, actually it has been more video lately than photography work. The film “Vor” which I am working at is still going ahead and is in full production. Due to the weather gods we lost a few days and had to postpone a few scenes. I know Charles and the director of “Vor” Philippe has been busy with some editing on already shot footage and it looks awesome. Also, we are getting closer and closer to the final big chase and fight scene, so our Action Choreographer Temur is working hard to make it look ace. Check out the Facebook page,, for some fresh updates and new images from the set.

VorA daili from a recent scene of “VOR – Trust me I’m a Thief”

But the most exiting from the last couple of days is the chance of being part of a 3D film shoot. The great Mike Leeder invited my buddy Temur and a few other Hong Kong based martial artists to participate in a test shoot with a pair of new Sony digital cinema cameras, the Sony PMW-F55. The 3D filming was done by the awesome Cinematographer and 3D specialist, Henry Chung. Hearing of this test shoot I just had to come along and check it out for my self. It was a day spent with some great and very talented people. It was super fun and a great chance to see 3D filming in action.

Sony PMW-F55 test shootSetting up the 3D rig and testing the 3D action on Henry’s monster 3D monitor.

Sony PMW-F55 test shootSimon Lam in action.

Sony PMW-F55 test shootHenry Chung and Mike Leeder giving instructions to Ian Campbell.

Sony PMW-F55 test shoot

Sony PMW-F55 test shoot


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