Canadian SUUNS, live in Hong Kong.

SUUNS Asia Tour Live in Hong Kong

I have been really busy lately and unfortunately missing loads of good music here in Hong Kong. Finally after some time I got my chance to get my skinny bum cheeks down to Hidden Agenda for some cold brew and some sweet tunes.

I have been away in my own thoughts and sitting in front of the bloody computer working that I have completely forgotten to check out what kind of music was going to be played. Fair enough, camera packed and ready to rock and roll.

The evening would be a weird one, but in a lovely weird way. Some mix of Alternative and Electro Popy Rock, dark tunes… The Canadian band SUUNS took on the stage with the supporting Hong Kong trio, Laura Palmer. Even for the music being weird and all that, the SUUNS looks and sounds absolutely awesome on the stage. The place was packed on the Friday night and I know everyone there enjoyed the show very much so. The stage was just filled with smoke from the smoke machine and the light show was sublime, bloody difficult to shoot though (Got some arty farty pics this time…), but visually the audience where treated with some serious musical and visual candy. Great night!





Laura Palmer

Laura Palmer

Laura Palmers


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