German New Wave goodies – Stabil Elite

Stabil Elite Live in Hong Kong

Straight from Düsseldorf, Germany, a New Wave band the Stabil Elite took on the Hidden Agenda stage last night. And together with the Hong Kong based A Roller Control, they electrified the crowd.

I checked out these lads on Youtube the night before and I was really looking forward to their show. The videos are wacky with some old school electro flavor to them, think late 80’s and early 90’s electronic music videos with all the funky edit and colours. It brought me back in time a notch, the synthesizer minimal electro beats mixed with some pop and electric guitars. It could not go wrong.

The show was ace! Maybe it was a bit slow occasionally, especially in the middle of the show, but they picked up the pace at the end again. It was fun for sure, and I really enjoyed them singing in German. I’m not German, but I do like and appreciate it when bands sing in their native languages. And to this kind of music, I think German definitely adds shit loads of extra flavor, sounds almost better then if sung in English for example.

If you are into electro tunes by Kraftwerk, Gary Newman etc you should definitely check these dudes out.

A Roller Control

A Roller Control

Stabil Elite

Stabil Elite

Stabil Elite

Stabil Elite


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