The raging Ocean – “Pelagial Tour 2013”

The Ocean "Pelagial Tour 2013" Live in Hong Kong

Massive thanx to The Ocean and to Seesaw for an awesome show at Hidden Agenda last night. Finally some sweet hardcore music in my ears again. I do enjoy listening to many different music genres, but there is something about Hardcore and Metal that makes me super happy. So going to Hidden Agenda last night to check out these two bands going all mental on stage made me super happy and smiling all the way home afterwards.

Seesaw took on the stage like there is no tomorrow. The crowd was digging the show but unfortunately was still a bit cold and needed some extra fuel or a small push to really go bananas. It wasn’t really until The Ocean took on the stage and a great little fella’ found a blowup mermaid lying around and took the opportunity to crowd surf while violating the poor thing… And the rest, is history.




The Ocean

The Ocean

The Ocean

The Ocean

The Ocean



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    Kam you always do the best pics for Live acts!

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