Action star in making – Deborah

Okidok! This time I have been very quite. I have been hiding in the deep bush of Zimbabwe for two weeks camping with elephants and hippos in Mana Pools, wrestling with lions in Gweru, checking out the funny looking giraffes in Harare, having afternoon tea with some Black Rhinos in Victoria Falls… Ok, ok, more on the Zimbabwe adventure later. Keep an eye on this space as I will write a little bit about the trip and will have some screen grabs of everything I saw. Yapp, screen grabs. This time I was filming and a buddy of mine was photographing.

Black Rhinos in Victoria Falls

Just before leaving Hong Kong for Zimbabwe I took some promotional stills of a beautiful lady, Deborah Paunot. She is a french model based in Hong Kong getting her feet into the action cinema market here in Asia.

Together with two very good friends of mine, Temur Mamisashvili and Lee Batchelor, we went to the roofs of Hong Kong. Temur is an actor, stunt man and a great action director and he was helping me with the correct stances and made sure Deborah was holding the weapons correctly. Lee is a documentary film maker and was there to help out with stuff behind the camera. Super team, great day and loads of fun.

Below you have a couple of stills from that day. Hopefully will have some more for you shortly.

Until then,
Cia cia!

Deborah Paunot

Deborah Paunot


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