CamKam on Instagram? WTF…


Yapps, you read it right. All you people out there that know me, been hearing how much I hate Instagram and how much I refuse to join it. Well, after traveling and meeting like-minded people like me I finally gave in and opened my account. Another thing you did not think you would hear coming out of my mouth is that playing on Instagram is actually not that bad and there is some seriously cool images out there.

A lot of playing with filters and stuff, but after finding you way through the jungle of pictures of friends and family you’ll find some beautiful masterpieces out there.

Ok, I am not saying that my work are those masterpieces. Just saying that is some really nice stuff out there. I’m mixing instagram with some postagram, a bit of everything and anything. But as always: My World Through Five Eyes.

So… please find me, love me, follow me and Instagram me?

Have a great week ya all!



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