Vor – Violently Aggressive, Bloody, Gritty and just absolutely awesome!

Vor - Trust me I'm a thief

A few months ago I mentioned I was part of a small film crew filming a short film called “Vor – Trust me I’m a thief”. I thought it would be great to give you all an update on the production. For you all that do not know of the film and would like to get a reminder and read the Synopsis of the film, please visit a previous post I have written Filming “Vor – Trust me I’m a Thief”.

I remember the pre-production stage of the film when the Director of the film , Philippe Joly, mentioned that it will only take some 4 days to film it all. 3 months later (!!!) we are still filming and the short has developed into a feature! In total we have filmed for almost 2 weeks now. We started with a small group of actors and as the filming progressed more people got involved. As it’s a non budget film, we can only get the crew together when it suits everyone and to organize fight scenes is not easy. But somehow we have managed to pull it all off together and create some amazing cinematography and on screen fighting. The action in this film is absolutely mental! It’s raw, it’s modern, it’s violent, it’s aggressive, it’s in your face. The acting is fantastic with some great characters and high profiled actors showing their skills on locations you can only dream off. The film shows the fantastic skills of our stunt team, the acting skills of our actors, the innovation of our crew and the amazing commitment to the project from everyone involved. I feel blessed and so proud to be part of this project, this is the best thing I have ever been part of and definitely the greatest crew ever.

Vor - scene

A week a go we filmed an epic water fight scene where Harry Oram (Triads) and Tom Caserto (Vor) is beating the living shit out of each other. It was an extremely challenging shoot as most of the day we spent in water, and trust me filming and fighting in water is not the same as on land. Everyone were pushing each other to the limits and we ended up with an epic fight which will make anyone gasping for air.

Just yesterday we finished filming the main fight and chase scenes between the Russian Vor and Hong Kong Triads. The Action Choreographer, Temur Mamisashvili, worked closely with with a couple of super cool and tough Hong Kong local stunt guys, Nate Kan and Alan Wai. Brilliant hard core action through out the day with some serious flying knee action, crashing through doors, close combat, flying into wall action etc etc. There is no stopping these guys, a pleasure to work with! The stunt guys bruised up, the DoP bruised up, the DIRECTOR bruised up, the Choreographer bruised up. Everyone gets involved into making this film happen.

“If you’re not bruised up, you are not doing an action film in the right way” Mads Mikkelsen

Vor - fight

Basically, everyone part of the Vor crew is a pleasure to work with. Remember that this film has a ZERO budget! No one is getting payed for this! This project is made purely on the love of film making, on the passion to create new and fresh action. Everyone is putting their soul and heart into this project, it has become everyones baby and I can easily say that everyone one of us is proud of being part of Vor.

Not many more scenes to shoot and we will finish principal photography hopefully by the end of December. Then the difficult task of post, the edit… After been shown some of the rough edit by the Director I can not wait to see the final edit! It looks brutal! Beautiful with some epic shots, and brutal.

Okidok, I’m getting all emotional here now. I think I will stop writing now and fill you up on some more info by next week when the official web site comes to life. Even the bloody web site looks fabulous! And finally before I finish up here, once again a massive thank you to everyone involved making this movie a reality. Without these people and their support and hard work this project would never happen! Started with a small group of film makers, ending up with a big family of friends. Thank you Kirt Kishita, Andrew Ng, Temur Mamisashvili, Philippe Joly, Harry Oram, Tom Caserto, Jai Day, Beck Artikov, Lorea Solabarrieta, Nathalie Ng, Alan Wai, Nate Kan, Youssef Soliman, Lucas Grieco, Angelo Costadimas, Charles Loi, Ted Holtmark van Dijkerhof, Lee Batchelor and many more. And a big thank you to all friends and all our families for all the support through out the whole project!

Vor - behind the scenes

Vor - behind the scenes

Ok, ok! Enough of all this! As you maybe noticed, this project means a lot to everyone involved in this movie. Follow us on Facebook, spread the word and support us into finishing this epic movie. The website will be up and running by next week, in mean time come and check out our Vor Official Facebook Page for more updated info and stills from the film and behind the scenes, www.facebook.com/VorTheFilm.

Over and out.


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