DORITOS Crash – The Super Bowl World Premiere Ad!

Fabulous boyz and girlz of the round wide world! I had the pleasure being part and helping out a bunch of amazing and talented people creating an ad for Doritos for this years Doritos Super Bowl competition. Unfortunately I am a bit late writing about it and the voting is closed, but you can still check out the video. It’s freaking awesome and I am super proud of having been part of this project. Check it out for your self and I hope you’ll like it as much as we do! It was a pleasure spending the night with Joshua Wong, Philippe Joly, Harry Oram, Tom Caserto, Henry Fok, Katey Daniel, Derrick Fong, Spencer Douglass, Alex Bedwell and many more. If I have forgotten someone, sorry! I’m so bloody rubbish with names.

And some behind the scenes stills for you as well snapped with my amazing Samsung Galaxy… Well, the big beast Nikon stayed at home and had to use what I had between takes.

Doritos - Behind the scenes

Doritos - Behind the scenes


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