Hellbar is BACK! Louder, Bigger and Better!

Klubb Valross logo

I have an issue with cover bands… I don’t like it… Well, last night I was shown different. My dear friends Hanna and Micke (Hellbar) had to take Hellbar off the grid end of last year. Yesterday they had a soft opening of a new place in Sundbyberg, at Rest. Discovery. Great place with great sound and cheap cold brew. It was such a pleasure to see the place filled with people! Serious crowd enjoying them selves, drinking, laughing and listening to some great 70’s and 80’s hard rock.

Soooo, back to the cover band music thingy… I freaking loved it! It was deffo the best sounding band playing covers I have heard in decades. We had the pleasure to hear some of the biggest 70’s/80’s hard rock classics from the houseband Valross Allstars with the amazing voice of Pier Lidén on vocals, Erik J. Engberg on guitar, Daniel Isaksson on bass and the one and only one Daffy on drums. I still have an issue with cover bands though… but these talented boys are something different. You can feel the passion behind every note they play and sing, they know how to get the crowd moving and the quality of their play is sometimes better then the freaking original. Not bad for a first Friday evening back in Sweden.

Seriously! If you have not been around at Hellbar yet, be sure to get your arse over next Saturday and check out Bridge to Mars. You’ll not be disappointed. More info can be found on www.gotohell.se


Valross Allstars

Valross Allstars

Valross Allstars

Valross Allstars

Valross Allstars


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