GUERRILLA – the making of VOR

GUERRILLAA screen grab from Lee Batchelor’s documentary “GUERRILLA – the making of VOR”

Some time ago I wrote about a film I was involved in back in Hong Kong, VOR. I wrote a little about it and showed some still footage in my blog entry Vor – Violently Aggressive, Bloody, Gritty and just absolutely awesome! and Filming “Vor – Trust me I’m a Thief”. On the various film shoot days we had a great guy with us shooting some behind the scenes, Lee Batchelor. Lee is a great friend and an awesome documentary film maker. Unfortunately due to some reasons he was not able to stay with us until the end of the film shoot and had to fly back to UK. Lee followed us everywhere and captured every moment of the time on the set when he was there.

I have been on a few film sets, but there’s something magical about the VOR shoot and the crew. It’s not that the film was shot without any budget or that the shooting stretched over a few months. The VOR crew is probably the best and nicest bunch of people I have ever worked with; extremely hard working, passionate, kind, humble and professional. We started the project with a very small crew of newly meet friends wanting to make films and ended up with a huge VOR family.

After months of hard work, our buddy Lee Batchelor finalized the amazing behind the scenes documentary “GUERRILLA – the making of VOR”. Check it out! Leaving Hong Kong for Sweden and watching the documentary made me very sentimental and brought back loads of great memories. Hopefully I will be able to get my skinny bum cheeks back to Hong Kong one day and do some more movie magic with the awesome VOR family.

“If anyone ever wondered why the VOR family was the VOR family, and what doing it VOR style means, this documentary should answer that.”
Philippe Joly, Director

More on the film and everyone involved can be found on the official VOR page,, and the film production behind the film Drifting Pictures,

Check out more fab work of Lee Batchelor at his Vimeo page,


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