Rocking it out with Septekh

2 years and numerous emails later I finally had the pleasure to meet a bunch of awesome lads from the Swedish Death/Thrash Metal band, Septekh. Long story short, we missed each other by days when I used to come to Sweden. Damn frustrating, but I knew I would bloody see these boys perform sooner or later. Hahahaha, I felt a bit like a stalker the last couple of years.

Septekh is one of these bands that reminds me why I picked up music photography in the first place. 4 humble amazing characters doing what they love doing with a huge following of like-minded friends and fans. It was beautiful to see everyone drinking together and experiencing the whole evening all together, it felt like a big happy family. I have seriously nothing negative to say about any of the experience last night, it was fab from the moment I meet Nisse (Lead Vocal) at the stairs and then the rest of the band; David (Lead Guitar), Staffan (Drums) and Patrik (Bass).

What about the live music part? Once again, no wonder they have a following they have. Like someone I overheard mentioned after the gig last night, watching Septekh is like going to the theater; it’s a visual candy mixed with some aggressive great tunes. These guys give it 110% on the stage, and in return they get the same from the mental audience. That’s it, I’m hooked. Check these boys out when you get a chance and when you are at it, watch their latest music video full of World War Zombies, Burn It To The Ground from the “Apollonian Eyes EP”, Abyss Records, 2013.








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