the Graveltones revisiting Stockholm!


Sat yesterday evening at my little office in the cellar editing images when the phone rang. My good friends Hanna and Micke from Hellbar/Valross rang asking if I wanted to check out the Graveltones at Bryggarsalen with them. Let me be clear on one thing here, it’s not often I say no to a freakin’ good gig.

I don’t know what the hell is wrong, but the last couple of stages I have been photographing the light has been absolutely rubbish. I mean, the Swedes are famous for the ability to light stages beautifully. Well, there’s still a chance… Ain’t giving up. Also, I have a thing to complain about the light, comes with the job, no?

Anyways, the Graveltones. A duo, Jimmy on the guitar and Mikey on the drums. A duo that will probably outbid loads of bands out there, they fill the stage with the sound of Rock n Roll and they now how to fill the stage with joy. Fab humble dudes and me it was a pleasure seeing them play!

the Graveltones

the Graveltones

the Graveltones

the Graveltones

the Graveltones


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