Voodoo Rock with The Blue Ruin

Great start to a fab evening at Klubb Valross last night. Stage warmed up by the legends, the in-house band Valross Allstars. They really kicked some bum cheeks last night, it was the lead vocals, Pier Lidén, last gig with the legends. Unfortunately Pier is leaving the country of the Vikings and heading towards warmer climates. He shall be missed!

Once the stage got all warmed up, it got taken over by The Blue Ruin, a band I have heard many good things about. Beautiful people making beautiful music. Damn they know how to rock N roll, it was truly a pleasure to see them rock the stage! Not only that the tunes were bloody brilliant, the stage was well used by the lovely people of The Blue Ruin as well. And as we know, that is something that is very appreciated by me… For sure, this is a band I would love to see again. Great people on the stage as off the stage. Well done you, there are some good times coming ahead for you all!

And do not ask me what Voodoo Rock is, have no freaking clue…

The Blue Ruin

The Blue Ruin

The Blue Ruin

The Blue Ruin

The Blue Ruin

If you want to see more images, just follow this link to Hellbar Facebook Page.


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