S.N.O. – as in Stonewall Noise Orchestra


Once again I am not in a writing mood. Need to find someone to this for me…

It has to be the first time I saw a tour bus outside the Hellbar music headquarters in Sumpan last night. Interesting I though and was wondering how the evening would develop. Must say I got hooked from the first note they played, seriously enjoyed the sound. And it got better, better and sweatier. It was bloody brilliant, deffo one of the best gigs I have experienced at Hellbar. The sounds was ace and also the lads in Stonewall Noise Orchestra. Damn they ruled the stage, so much energy and happiness. I have never seen them play before, but it’s bloody awesome to see a band like S.N.O. play and it’s one of those few bands I would pay to see play live. You can easily see that these dudes are doing it because the love and enjoy it.

I believe they are in the middle of a 10TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR at the moment. Still some gigs here in Sweden and then they are off to Germany. Check them out and check out their tour dates and locations, they may play near you soon. Check them out, I had a freaking blast last night and I know you will as well.







And as last time, if you feel like seeing some more images, just follow this link to Hellbar Facebook Page. I shall upload aal the pics from the evening.


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