Big hair, ultra tight trousers & melodic hard rock with Big Time!

Another fab night at Hellbar’s Klubb Valross last night. Being and seeing the gigs at the new location I must say the atmosphere and the music is just getting better and better, it’s a fab place to go and have a few cold ones and listen to some seriously great rock on a Saturday evening.

Last night wasn’t an exception. For me it was a serious trip down the memory lane, both musically and visually. Well, maybe not that visually, but definitely musically. A brilliant show by the chaps in the Stockholm based melodic hard rock band, Big Time. You might also recognise it as glam metal, a sweet mix of heavy metal and glam rock.

Pure joy last night with some crazy amounts of hair, hair spray, tight trousers, brilliant musicianship and most important, fun and great music with some awesome guitar riffs and magical high notes by the vocal man Mike Palace. Great show and 100% given from the band last night.

Big Time

Big Time

Big Time

Big Time

Big Time

Big Time

And as last time, if you feel like seeing some more images, just follow this link to Hellbar Facebook Page. I shall upload aal the pics from the evening.


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