A Tuesday evening with Chosen By Gods and InSammer

So what the hell happened yesterday?! I know it was a Tuesday night, only a few days till payday and just after Easter Holidays. But what the hell, the place was empty! Only a few awesome music lovers by the stage and the rest looked like crew, friends and family. I have never been to Göta Källare before, but let me tell you they have a beautiful stage and some great lightning going on there. Bloody hell, a place like that and with the lineup like yesterday, it should have been easier to get some more people in there. Well, well… Besides that and the bad sound it was really awesome to hook up with some familiar faces again and listen to some really good bands.

Coming in a bit later this time, I came to check out a band I saw some time ago, the Chosen By Gods and some new friends in the metal band InSammer. It was a pure joy seeing InSammer on the stage doing their thing, they all look like having a great time and the vocal girl, Viktorija, is seriously kicking some bum cheeks when on the stage. Also a great ending by Chosen By Gods, great performance and 100% given even as the venue was almost empty. True and passionate musicians doing what they love doing!


Chosen By GodsChosen By Gods

Chosen By GodsChosen By Gods

Chosen By GodsChosen By Gods



You’ll find more images from the evening by visiting the Facebook profiles of Chosen By Gods and InSammer.


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