A beautiful short in making – “Jag Har Din Rygg”

Being busy filming and shooting stills almost every day for the last year and not being able to do so much here in Sweden sucks big time. Luckily I have been shooting a lot of music again and that keeps me sain. A week ago I received a call from a very good friend of mine, Lina Nyberg at la LUNE design (Special Effects and Makeup), saying that she knows of some friends of her making a short film and are looking for extra pair of hands. Awesome! An email and a phone call later I was onboard as a Light Technician.

jag har din rygg / group3rd day filming. As we were filming on the train, only a small part of the crew in this shot.

Working on a film again is the best thing ever! This is a short film made in the Stockholm suburbia Jordbro and Handen, called “Jag Har Din Rygg” (in english “I’ve got your back”). The short is based on a true event and is written by the Producer and Lead David Nzinga, directed by Sebastian Lagerkvist and shot beautifully in true documentary style by Markus Frykberg and his sidekick Assistant Camera, Edvard Lenander. The frames look amazing and looking forward seeing the finished masterpiece on telly in the near future.

The Synopsis is in swedish, but the story goes:
“Jack, Kevin and their friends are on their way to a party. While on the train on their way to the party Jack receives a phone call just to be told by his girlfriend that she’s dumping him. In the distance he sees an argument between Niklas, a drunk, and Ossam, a youth in search of conflicts. All parties get off the same station. Jack and Kevin head towards the party, but the argument between Niklas and Ossam continues resolving in Niklas being beaten and left on the street.

the party crewThe party people! From left to right: Penelope Formisto, Mohamed Said, Isa M Bah, Juliet Vergara Rodriguez, David Nzinga, Jibril Sweeg and Besso Messo.

Jack, Kevin and their friends arrive to the building block where the party is. Kevin does not remember the code to the door and also realises that his phone is dead, so the gang are trying to get the attention of the party upstairs by shouting and throwing rocks at the window. But they end up by waking up and older man, Babbas, who is trying to sleep a floor below the party.

Suddenly Niklas arrives with a pointed gun. All but Jack and Kevin flee in panic. Niklas threatening Jack and Kevin thinking that it was them beating him up earlier. He is close to shoot them but Kevin is able to distract Niklas.

In the middle of all the shouting Babbas comes out of the building telling the youth to keep quite. He tries to calm Niklas and steps in between him and Kevin and Jack. Niklas calms down and Jack sees an opportunity to overpower him and take the gun away from him. Niklas runs away just before the police arrives. Jack and Kevin are in shock and are being taken care of by Babbas. Keving thanks Jack for saving his life and Jack confesses that his girlfriend dumped him earlier that day.”

I had a blast working with all crew on this production and once again would like to thank Lina for getting me in touch with the production team and also David and Sebastian for giving me a chance to participate in making this film. I hope it was not the last time, a fantastic crew to have worked with.

collage Jag Har Din Rygg

All images are taken by crew members. Thank you to David Nzinga for permission to use these images on my blog.


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