Starting the weekend with Flanhell and finishing with…

What a month it has been! Busy like hell and at the same time, not busy at all… In between trying to get a bloody job there has been some consumption of fantastically cold brewskies, bachelor parties, weddings, location scouting, writing CV’s, sending CV’s, meeting awesome people, meeting less awesome people and so on and on and on. Well, at least I’m not freakin’ bored…

The weekend has been one of the coolest in a long time. As I have been busy running around and trying to figure out the meaning of life, I haven’t had a chance to meet up with my friends Hellbar Hanna and Hellbar Micke, so it was time to check them and Hellbar out! Started great with some fresh punkrock with Disable Dolls and a grande finish with some freakin’ awesome and crowd pleasing rock’ n’ roll by Flanhell. Great!

But the highlight of the week must have been to have meet the legends of Swedish Death Metal scene. Taking some new fresh pics with the boyzos, sneak peaking on some new tracks for their new album down at their headquarters in deep hell and then having a few cold ones till late evening. Loads of talking, listening to music and unhealthy amounts of laughter. Fantastic! Who are these young gents you might ask? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see…







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