Septekh and their Plan For World Domination

Septekh new stuffSculpture and concept by Richard Damm, cover and photos by Marcus Claesson

Years of demos, sweat, blood and hard work my buddies in the band Septekh have released their first full length album “Plan For World Domination”. With 13 songs it’s a pretty long album for a Death/Trash Metal band! But please, do not get freaked out by the amount of material and the length of the album! Their hard work payed off and the album sounds amazing! It’s a pure joy listening to their new work and you’ll find your self listening to the album on loop. There are many great revues of the new Septekh album, here’s a great one from the lovely peops at Wonderbox Metal, Septekh – Plan For World Domination (Review).

So now we know, Septekh does not only sound amazing recorded on a plastic disc but also rock the bum cheeks off on the stage. Great band to see live, not only for their music but also for the show they bring to town. They’ll give 110% every time and the theatrics and showmanship is bloody brilliant. What I would suggest is, next time you hear Septekh is in town, get your skinny arse over and check them out. You shall not get disappointed.

septekhEarlier this year at Copperfields Stockholm. Pics by me.

Guess what… Septekh is coming to Stockholm the 5th of July to metal your sox off! This will be a pretty impressive show in two parts, two parts as they will play the entire new album back to back. For all you metal lovers from around here, there’s no reason not to come… The gig shall take place at the one and only one place, the Hellbar, and NO ENTRANCE FEE! You must have some seriously good excuse not to come…


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