Starblind, a blinding awesome performance

Alrighty, my post titles just made me laugh out loud. Reading them feels like reading the daily paper Aftonbladet, cheesy and occasionally well stupid… All you Swedes out there will definitely understand what I’m talking about.

Okidoki, let’s bloody move on. Below I’ve got some fresh pics from the Starblind gig last night at Hellbar. Sadly some people decided to be all square; stay home, eat popcorn and watch some footy. Well, their loss, hope they had a good time as Hellbar was as jolly as last time, if not even better. Starblind gave it all on the stage and it was great to see them kick some butt cheeks.

Just wanted to mention that Hellbar shall be much easier to follow now as they have created an awesomely coolio Facebook page for you all to like and follow, here’s the link —-> HELLBAR. You will also be able to see more pics from last night by checking out the page.

Hellbar, and the lovely peops with it, are taking two weeks off for some chilling and regrouping. But don’t be sad now, they shall be back with a freakedidoda bang with the death metal band Frantic Amber and Septekh week after. trust me, you do NOT want to miss this!







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