All my five eyes on Insision

insision patch logog


A few weeks ago I had the the pleasure and honour to meet with the mighty Stockholm based death metal band Insision. Probably most of you metal lovers out there heard of Insision before, these boys have been playing and putting Swedish metal on the map since the 90’s. A bunch of amazingly nice characters and with a very specific Insision brutal death metal sound.

It was a great day spent with the boyzos and had a chance to shoot some pics of the band. Some came out well, others can be done better. Planning a second shoot and trust me, this one will have images which are very different from the first shoot. I have shot group shots of power metal, rock and pop bands, but never death metal. So it’s a bit of an experiment for me, but after talking to the band and going through the pics from the shoot I know where I want to go with the next shoot. Can’t wait for this one, going to be dark and really push me in the visual and lighting. Bring it on I say!

Thank you very much to the boyzos at Insision for being so freaking nice and letting me come back to shoot some more! I appreciate it big time.




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