Dealing with your inner demons – “A Midnight Dream”

Had my first test shoot with model Elixir1974 for my ongoing project “A Midnight Dream”. The project “A Midnight Dream” came to light during a slightly darker and less interesting time in my life. This is an ongoing project which is under development and at the moment I’m planing some test shoots to see where to go with it.

I’m looking for models, wardrobe and makeup to collaborate with and to make it special. Unfortunately this is a TFP project, but depending on how the project develops I will hopefully be able to get some sponsorship. I was thinking of going dark on this one, so I would definitely love working with more alternative models. If you are interested in the project or would like to know more, PM me or send me an email to This project is still under development and will probably change once I start shooting. It’s an ongoing project, one model a photo, so it’s never too late to give me a shout. At the moment I am planing to shoot here in Sweden, but in the future I would love to collaborate on this project with models, wardrobe and makeup outside Sweden as well.

Here are two images from the first test shoot with Elixir1974. I’m really happy with what we got, but I know we can go darker. But to do so, I need awesome people with dark imagination to collaborate with. So, if you are interested, let me know and meet up for a chat. Let us see where we can take this.

A Midnight Dream

A Midnight Dream


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