“Jag Har Din Rygg” (I’ve Got Your Back) selected for Chelsea Film Festival!

In April this year I took part in making of a swedish short film, directed by Sebastian Lagerkvist, “Jag Har Din Rygg” (I’ve Got Your Back). It was a blast making it and the team behind the short was top notch. I shall not write too much about the film in this post, but if you wish to refresh your memory and get some more info and synopsis of the film please check out the previous post, A beautiful short in making – “Jag Har Din Rygg”.

The short has been edited, cut and finalised. I knew it would come out pretty good, but seeing it on a big screen last month I must say it looked bloody awesome. And so, I’m proud to announce that I’ve Got Your Back has been selected and will be shown at this years Chelsea Film Festival in New York! Well done to everyone involved!

I've got your back

Now there’s no stopping the team behind the Drama/Thriller short. David Nzinga and Sebastian Lagerkvist gathered most of the previous crew to make the second film out of the trilogy, “Kollision” (Collision). The film was filmed a couple of weeks ago and is being cut and put together as we speak. But, more on the film, the people behind it and loads of behind the scenes stills later. Keep an eye on the space and you shall know all about it shortly!

Until then!


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