New beginnings and the future.

As many of you already know, after 15 years of travelling and trying I’m back where it all started. After a few months of trying to get grip of the situation I have come to a conclusion, that besides the rubbish weather, it’s actually not that bad being back. The office is almost set, a few jobs already behind and great things ahead. There are still loads of things to be sorted and some hard work ahead before relaxation.

A few days ago I had the pleasure to meet up with a Stockholm based model, Alael. We spent two days out in the cold wind and rain and created some awesome work. More on the collaboration soon, just need to finish the images and all will be displayed for you to see. One pic below to show a little of what’s coming. Also, I’m also super happy being part of a Swedish feature “Riddaren” (eng. “The Blackbird Pipe”) which I will be working on as photographer starting very soon. The intro pilot will be shot by the end of the month and the full feature is planned to be shot by next autumn in Wales. Can’t wait!


A lot of changes. A lot of plans. A lot of new projects. A lot of old projects. My head is exploding with ideas and things I would like to do. Please keep on following me through the blog as more things will be coming. Also, I have a new Facebook page now where I will be updating you all with new things and some new and fresh photography. Check it out:

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 15.06.09


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