Poster art for two epic future features

It has been an emotional and a fantastic week filled with frustration, laughter and hard work. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, but instead of sweeties I had an armada of amazing characters to shoot. I spent a week on the island of Gotland on the film set of “Riddaren”, a medieval fantasy thriller. More on the film, the people and footage from that week later. There’s more to do, work is piling up and the production team is waiting for the still footage.

What I can share with you is the poster art that I created on the island. Together with the Co Producer of “Riddaren”, Maria Andersson, we sat through almost two days straight to finish the poster for this film and her viking film “Inferior”. This was my first time making poster art, and I absolutely loved it. I think we really nailed it and we were able to send the posters before the deadline over to the states for the yearly film market. Now I really hope for a future collaboration with like minded people as Maria Andersson, to work on a viking film like the “Inferior” would be just freaking epic.

Poster art for Inferior and Blackbird


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