A cold photo shoot in a dreamy postcard landscape

It wasn’t too cold, but cold enough to create a frosty and frozen Scandinavian postcard landscape. I’m talking about a photo shoot yesterday in a place out in the middle of nowhere, Tierp. Together with two young models (Engla and Meja), Sandra Magnusson (Sandra Dee Makeup Artist) and her horse Lion we took on the challenge to create some Narnia/elf winter wonderland inspired photo shoot. Unfortunately we missed the amazing morning light, a light that you only get in Scandinavia, but never-less we got some awesome footage. The footage you’ll see when it’s all done later this week, for now I have a couple of behind the scenes pics which you can see bellow.

I usually do not shoot children as it is not my thing. But working with young kids like Engla and Maja is pure pleasure. Two really tough kids, no complaining and pure joy which allows me to focus on my work and create good footage. These girls on a huge horse, bare foot, dressed in thin linen in minus degrees. Respect!

You can read a little bit more on the photo shoot yesterday on the blog of the girls guardian, Malin Olin. The blog is in Swedish, but with todays amazing technology and Google you can translate the page in no time. Here’s the link to “Mina söta alver i “Sagan om ringen” fotografering”. You’ll find some more pics and info on Malin’s blog entry.

Until next time!

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