Stronger, better, louder – Septekh

As we all, we all have bands we like more or less. It could be all from the talented musicians in the band, the music they play or just the pure rock kicking on the stage. Septekh is one of those bands that rock all those options. I haven’t seen the boys since their last gig some centuries ago… and it was bloody brilliant to see them off the stage last night but also to be able to see them play live.

From the visual and photography point of view, this is one of those stages I love to hate. But Septekh came, took over the stage and did what they do best. I must say, these guys just sound better and better and you can see the hunger for some live gigging in their eyes. It was well good! Looking forward to see these guys on a stage again soon, they belong on it.

My advice to you all you out there, do not miss their next show. You shall not get disappointed!







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