First gig cover (and hopefully not the last…) for Access: Rock

I have been shooting live music and bands since 1998. As much as I would love to, unfortunately I do not make my living of music photography but I freaking love it and if I don’t shoot any music for a week I get seriously grumpy. As many of you know I left Hong Kong some time ago and I have my office in Sweden now. I am shooting as much music as I possibly can, the harder the better.

Hopefully I will be able to shoot much more music now as I got the chance to join the extremely talented and awesome gang of music writers and photographers at the Sweden based Access: Rock. Anything rock in Sweden, they will cover it. Tough bunch of people with a burning passion for good rock music and I’m proud to be part of this small group of talents. Check out all the awesome footage, reviews and vid interviews of the biggest and smallest bands on the planet here,

Last week I got the chance to shoot Sólstafir, New Keepers of the Water Towers and Nordic Giants at Debaser Medis. Follow the images or press HERE for the whole gallery of my images from the gig.

Nordic Giants


New Keepers of the Water


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