Holy Moly Matrimony! There’s a new album out there you need to get!

Once again I have been out and about for a few months now, but more on that when I get my bum cheeks back to Sweden, whenever that happens…

A while back I had the pleasure to work and shoot a cover for an awesome musician bunch, The Blue Ruin, and their new album “Holy Moly Matrimony”. The Blue Ruin is a Swedish band with a very specific Voodoo Rock sound which is really coolio. Follow the links to their Facebook for more info and some music.


I’ve done some CD covers in my time, but I always wanted to shoot a vinyl cover. It’s something really magical with vinyls; the magical sound and of course the large front cover with either some awesome artwork or photography.

The Blue Ruin released their new fresh album “Holy Moly Matrimony” just a few days ago. And yeah, you guessed it right, it’s a beautiful vinyl! I haven’t had the chance to to see and listen to live yet, neither touch and smell it… but that’s priority number one when I found my self back in Sweden again. Can’t wait!

Oh yeah, before I forget! Check out their new music video with one of the new tracks, Hit Hard, from their new album. You can’t miss it, the link is just below.


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