Ola Salo at Gröna Lund

I usually shoot the small stage and occasionally, when I get the chance, I take on the larger stage. The other day I got the chance to shoot Ola Salo, the lead singer of once mighty The Ark. The Ark is no more, but Ola Salo is continuing now as a solo artist. I didn’t realise how rusty I was until I found my self in the pit and suddenly only had first 3 songs and then you are out. It took me a moment to get it all right. The beauty shooting someone like Ola Salo is that I felt absolutely zero stress, he is a great showman and a great musician, I had a great time shooting his gig. More of that please…

You’ll find a small selection of my pics further below. To view the full gallery from the gig a couple of days, please visit accessrock.se/pics-ola-salo-grona-lund.

Ola Salo

Ola Salo

Ola Salo

Ola Salo

Ola Salo

Ola Salo


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