Beautiful Wales

Finally, after years of talking I finally got a plane ticket for the last few pennies I had left in my account and escaped for a few days to a great buddy of mine in a tiny village called Clydach North. I have always been told Wales is supposed to be beautiful, but the Wales I saw was freaking breathtakingly beautiful. A massive thank you to my good buddy Tam at State of Bliss, his lovely lady Roxy and their Little Fella’ for welcoming me into their home and showing me a seriously stunning piece of Wales!

Below are just a few images I managed to take during my stay in Wales. Unfortunately the images don’t do much justice showing how awesome it really was over there. Well, now I know, and I’m already planing a revisit and will be better prepared by then… Wales is definitely one of my favourite escapes now.


Tam and little fella WalesMy walking companions, Tam and Little Fella’



Kam - WalesSelf-portrait… well, a good try at least.





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