I am an experienced Unit Stills, Music and Documentary freelance photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Hard work and passion has taken me to countries and locations in lands far away.

Project CCHANGe, LOVE IS WILDPic cred: Sean Lee Davis Location: Tsavo, Kenya

The last few years I have lived out of my suitcase and I’m always ready to move on to next project and next adventure, any time and any day.
Do you want me to cover a show, shoot your band, document your band on tour, document your film production, shoot your new portfolio or just to meet up for a cold brew? Doesn’t matter, let me know what’s up on info@kjanowski.com

Here’s a link to my online resume for all you interested in what I have done and what I can be used for. Or if you just would like to browse through some older and recent work, visit my kjanowski.com page.

See ya all out there,