On this page you’ll find all previous post on great gigs and other marvellous stuff around me. Find what you like and follow the links.

First gig of the year with TRUNK and Sundus (The Blue Ruin)!

Last Black Carpet gig of the year, with Lillasyster, Violet Janine and HOG

Unexpected appearance of Alice Cooper!

Kluven Dröm, The Musical

Power metal evening with Freedom Call!

Last show of the year at Gröna Lund, with Europe!

Beautiful Wales

Ola Salo at Gröna Lund

Studio kjanowski – Open for portraits

Johnny Lima, back touring in Sweden!

Behind the scenes with Septekh

No Omega – China Tour, Live in Hong Kong 2015

Septekh – Superheated Liquid Iron Core (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Eye of the Enemy, Ne Obliviscaris & Fleshgod Apocalypse live in Hong Kong!

Holy Moly Matrimony! There’s a new album out there you need to get!

Fire and makeup? A freaking stage mayhem!

Hard Rock Rising Stockholm: finale

Heavy stuff with Colossus and Bear Bone Company

Album release with Overtorture

Awesome evening with the Sigourney Weavers and Denied

Fifi & the Frog #2 – online now!

Lou Siffer and the Howling Demons with G.Ö.K takes on Black Carpet

First gig cover (and hopefully not the last…) for Access: Rock

At Black Carpet with Michael Fannon and Defueld

From the point of view of the model : by BellaEngla

Stronger, Better, Louder – Septekh

First Black Carpet Stockholm of the year!

Exclusive video world premiere with The Blue Ruin!

Finally! “I’ve got your back” trailer and another festival!

X-mas BASH & Grand Finale 2014 at Black Carpet Stockholm!

At the Black Carpet with Nubian Rose and Starblind

Psychedelic and rock ‘n’ roll with MaidaVale & The Blue Ruin

Grindhouse inspired hard rockin’ at Black Carpet Stockholm

A cold photo shoot in a dreamy postcard landscape

Ammunition release party, Eternal and Ruh showcase at Black Carpet!

Black & White Voodoo-Rocking

Black Carpet – Sweet tunes and great showcase

Poster art for two epic future features

New beginnings and the future

The making of second film in trilogy – “Kollision”

“Jag Har Din Rygg” (I’ve Got Your Back) selected for Chelsea Film Festival!

Dealing with your inner demons – “A Midnight Dream”

Shooting on location with InSammer

Head banging craziness with Frantic Amber

Shooting some InSammer pics at the local castle…

All my five eyes on Insision

Starblind, a blinding awesome performance

Intense album release with InSammer

Out in the wild with the Bolshevikings!

Back at Hellbar with Big Time and Reach!

Ducks and the great outdoors!

Septekh and their Plan For World Domination

Starting the weekend with Flanhell and finishing with…

Rediscovering the Stockholm Archipelago by night

A beautiful short in making – “Jag Har Din Rygg”

A Tuesday evening with Chosen By Gods and InSammer

Big hair, ultra tight trousers & melodic hard rock with Big Time!

First shoot done – Bridge To Mars

S.N.O. – as in Stonewall Noise Orchestra

Till alla band i och runt Stockholm… Hör upp!

The rock magicians, the legends, Plankton!

Voodoo Rock with The Blue Ruin

Chosen By Gods, because

the Graveltones revisiting Stockholm!

Rocking it out with Septekh

GUERRILLA – the making of VOR

Bridge to Mars does Hellbar.

Hellbar is BACK! Louder, Bigger and Better!


One gone, another few to go

Clockenflap 2013 – Hong Kong Arts & Music Festival

For a good cause! – Typhoon Haiyan Benefit Concert

DORITOS Crash – The Super Bowl World Premiere Ad!

Black Bart – Warehouse party at Depot 852!

Copyright Infridgements, Ethics, Morals… I had enough!

Some more Folk with Low Wormwood & Mini Noise

Vor – Violently Aggressive, Bloody, Gritty and just absolutely awesome!

CamKam on Instagram? WTF…

After Argument & One Lick Less

The Cribs live in Hong Kong!

Action star in making – Behind the scenes

Chinese Folk with Buyi and Tuo Ling

Action star in making – Deborah

2nd Hong Kong – Egyptian Film Festival

The raging Ocean – “Pelagial Tour 2013

German New Wave goodies – Stabil Elite

Canadian SUUNS, live in Hong Kong

Celebrating 2years of Rock ‘n’ Roll with BLACK BART! Video!

Filming action in 3D!

Filming “Vor – Trust me I’m a Thief”

Celebrating 2years of Rock ‘n’ Roll with BLACK BART!

NEON ROCK PARTY hits Hidden Agenda!

PacificUV, Asia Tour Hong Kong Stop 2013

Hardcore Arcadia, Live in HK!

Experimental Icelanders Múm take on Hong Kong

The Cult, the King and the BBQ

Releasing Marmalade with Brainchild

Project ‘Raven’

Sweating at Hellbar with Riot Horse

Swedish sounds of Immanu El

The French take on Hong Kong – Manceau

As I Lay Dying mayhem!

Your Mum presents: Coheed and Cambria Live in Hong Kong

Love in This Time – Residence A

Evocation – Album Release

ORKA Live in HK! Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival 2013 HK

Ken South Rock rockin’ it hard

Kumite in da Park

Queen Sea Big Shark Tour 2013 – Hong Kong

Bella Elektra’s EP release

Vans “Off the Wall” Hong Kong

Start of a new project – Raven

Grimes does Hong Kong

Nova Heart – Beautiful Boys Tour

Sick Of It All – Live in Hong Kong!


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