Ken South Rock rockin’ it hard

C x BRIX works ltd. presents: Ken South Rock x 怒人 x An Atomic Whirl… and daaaaaaim, present they did! Boyz and Girlz, what happens when you mix up some mental rock, jazz, punk musician characters from Japan, US and Hong Kong… You get a Sunday night at Hidden Agenda where you forget it is Sunday, you forget that most of us need to get up in the morning for work, screaming for more, searching for more cold brewskies, once again forgetting it’s Sunday… and suddenly realizing it’s Sunday…

It was a great Sunday with three very strong acts. An Atomic Whirl opened up with his jazzy punk rocky flavoured tunes… Didn’t know what to think of the Bass/Drums duo… But they just proved that it is not WHAT music genres you mix, but HOW you mix them. Awesome!

怒人 came straight after, kicking some skinny bum cheeks followed by the truly awesome Ken South Rock. So much energy on the stage, and so much passion. This duo was seriously awesome and they gave all 157.5%, and then even a little bit more! They finished the Sunday gig by getting all the music loving dudas and chickas on the stage rockin’ together! Splendid, what a great end to the week.



Ken South Rock

Ken South Rock

Ken South Rock

Ken South Rock


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