Septekh – Superheated Liquid Iron Core (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

I have been so bloody busy I have completely forgotten to let you all know of the new material Septekh just released. Before leaving Sweden a couple of months ago I had the pleasure be part and work together with the Swedish Death/Thrash Metal, Septekh. They have really gone old-school on this beauty, it’s not only a music video, but it’s a also an awesome short-film. It’s full of great and funny characters, blood, gore, violence, comedy, cheesy one-liners, custom cars and of course arse-kicking music.

I have loads of behind the scenes footage from the weekend I spent with the band and the fabulous crew. But that, I will post later. I have to get my skinny bum cheeks back to Sweden first. You all shall be posted on that adventure shortly.


In mean time, I have attached the new Septekh video, Superheated Liquid Iron Core, just below in the post. Please have a look and I promise you, you will love it and share it with the rest of the world. A lot of love, passion, sweat and blood was involved in making the video…


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